Mixed Platter

A combination of Poh Pia Tord, Gai Satay, Tord Mun Pia, Prawn Tempura, served with chilli dip & satay sauce

Gai Satay

Chicken marinated & chargrilled skewer on wooden sticks served with spicy peanut sauce

Peek Gai Tord

Deep fried spicy chicken wing  with lemongrass, served with hot chilli sauce

Neur Tord

Deep fried marinated beef, served with hot chilli sauce

Kor Mu Tord

Deep fried marinated pork, served with hot chilli sauce

Tord Mun Pla

Spicy fish cakes seasoned with red curry & kaffir lime leaves, served with sweet chilli sauce with cucumber & crushed peanuts

Poh Pai Tord

Spring roll stuffed & rolled with vegetable & vermicelli, served with sweet chilli sauce

Goong Tempura

Battered crispy prawn tempura with breadcrumbs, served with sweet chilli sauce

Kanom Pang Na Gai

Minced chicken mixed with garlic, pepper & coriander root spread on toast triangles, fried & served with a sweet chilli sauce

Ka Nom Jeeb

Wrapped minced pork with coriander root, garlic & pepper

Aromatic Duck

Aromatic duck served with pancake, sliced cucumber & spring onion, served with hoisin sauce





Yum Neur

Spicy Thai beef salad with Thai herbs & a spicy dressing

Plar Goong

This is famous king prawns spicy salad, mixed with fresh chillies, chopped lime leaves, lemongrass & our chef's special sauce

Medium hot


Tom Yum Soup(mushroom,chicken or prawn)

Traditional spicy Thai soup, flavoured with lemongrass, kaffir leaf, galangal, roasted chillies & mushrooms

Tom Kha Soup(mushroom,chicken or prawn)

Classic spicy coconut soup, flavoured with lemongrass, lime leaves, galangal, roasted chillies & mushrooms


Green Curry(veggie,chicken,pork,beef or prawn)

Green curry uses fresh green chillies & is cooked in coconut milk with Thai aubergines, bamboo shoots, lime leaves & sweet basil leaves

Red Curry(veggie,chicken,pork,beef or prawn)

Red curry uses dried long red chilli paste, cooked in coconut, with Thai aubergines, baby aubergines & sweet basil leaves

Panang Curryy(veggie,chicken,pork,beef or prawn)

Panang curry cooked in coconut cream, presented relatively dry & garnished with shredded lime leaves

Jungle Curry(veggie,chicken,pork,beef or prawn)

Traditional northern style hot & spicy curry cooked without coconut milk

Stir Fried:

Pad Kra Prow(veggie,chicken,pork, beef or prawn)

Stir fried with holy basil leaves & chillies

Pad Med Ma-Muang(veggie,chicken,pork, beef or prawn)

Stir fried cashew nuts, dried chillies, onion, pepper & spring onion

Pad Nam Mun Hoi(veggie,chicken,pork, beef or prawn)

Stir fried in oyster sauce with crunchy broccoli, mushroom & onion

Pad Kratiam(veggie,chicken,pork, beef or prawn)

Stir fried with garlic & peppercorns

Pad Khing(veggie,chicken,pork, beef or prawn)

Stir fried with ginger, onion, black bean & chillies


Salt & Pepper Squid

Battered squid, ground black pepper, spring onion & sliced chilli

Papaya Salad

Fresh papaya with fish sauce, fresh chillies, long beans, cherry tomatoes, lime juice & peanuts. refreshing & spicy

Pad Kra Prow Seafood

Traditional Thai stir-fried with chilli & basil

Thai Crispy Duck Salad

With fresh chillies, chopped lime leaves, lemongrass & fresh ginger

Gaab Kao Platter

A combination of salt & pepper squid, sweetcorn cake, chicken wings & chicken on toast served with sweet chilli dip & sriracha & mayo dip

Salt & Pepper Prawn

Battered prawn pan-fried in black pepper, spring onion & sliced chilli served on a bed of crispy vermicelli

Sweetcorn Cake

Red curry & kaffir lime sweetcorn cakes served with sweet chilli dip & crushed peanuts

Lamb Shank Massaman

Braised lamb cooked in a mild massaman curry sauce garnished with cashew nuts

Chicken Teriyaki

Sweet & tangy Thai style teriyaki sauce with chicken thighs

Special Curry:

Four Seasons Duck Curry

Four seasonal fruits of grape, pineapple, lychee & tomato cooked in a flavourful curry sauce with roasted duck & sweet basil

Panang Sirloin

Panang curry cooked in coconut cream with sirloin steak, presented relatively dry & garnished with shredded lime leaves

Massamun Lamb Curry

Mild Muslim ragout from the south of Thailand, cooked in rich coconut curry sauce with lamb, potatoes & peanuts

Chef's Special Dish:

Duck with Tamarind Sauce

Crispy fried duck with a chilli tamarind sauce

Weeping Tiger

Char-grilled in spicy herbs sauce served with a hot & tangy chilli dip

Chu-Chi Pla

Crispy deep-fried seabass fillet, topped with a very special Chu-Chi sauce. Garnished with shredded fresh lime leaves

Pla Pad Gra Chai

Wok-fried slices of crispy fried seabass fillet in wild ginger & green peppercorn red curry sauce


Steamed Jasmine Rice

Coconut Rice

Egg Fried Rice

Sticky Rice


Pad Thai(veggie,chicken or prawn)

Popular Thai noodle dish of rice noodles with exotic sauce, soya bean curd, bean sprouts & egg served with fresh lime & peanuts

Drunken Man Noodle(veggie,chicken or prawn)

Stir-fried spicy rice noodles with basil leaves, onion, bean sprouts & chillies

Plain Rice Noodle with Egg


Mixed Vegetables

Stir fried mixed vegetables in oyster sauce

Spicy Mushroom

Classic stir fried mushrooms with holy basil leaves, chillies, garlic, mushrooms, red pepper, green pepper & bamboo shoots

Duo Vegetables

Stir fried broccoli spears with shitake mushrooms in oyster sauce